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About Didier Lindsey
Didier Lindsey is an award-winning wildlife and nature photographer who lives in
Anchorage, Alaska. Years of work and thousands of hours in the field have allowed him
to capture some incredible moments. Lindsey's photographs are characterized by strong
composition, precise timing, and beautiful lighting provided by nature. Didier uses no filters,
double exposures or other artificial manipulation to get the shots he wants. Didier was born
in France and moved to rural Virginia at the age of five. Many years of enjoyment in the
woods would help shape his character and his career. After receiving a B.S. from
Longwood College, he headed west to work in Yellowstone National Park. His wanderlust
took him to the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, and Cape Hatteras National Park. Eventually,
his wandering brought him to Alaska to pursue his dream of becoming a wildlife/nature
photographer. Didier believes nature photography is an art form with nature as the artist.
He hopes his images do justice to the beauty he has been privileged to witness.